Bewitching Wedding Stationery Trends you didn’t know you needed.

When you start planning a wedding, the first step is often to browse what products and styles are out there. Pinterest becomes your best friend - If it is not already for all things wedding. 2019 wedding stationery brings more than just luxury, it has taken it to a whole new level. With stunning new designs, classic colours and elegant accessories to tie in with all sorts of themes. All the things that the Little Extras Stationery love.

Read on to see some of the most irresistible wedding stationery trends for 2019. 

Wax Seals

I know, your thinking another expense and are they really that good? Well yes, wax seals are not only a traditional add on to stationery that you didn’t know you needed. The wax seal adds luxury to every invitation, the best part is that they can be personalised - From compasses and bees to hearts and initials. All within a variety of colours, our favourite at the moments is the metallic blue. 


Undoubtedly one of our favourite styles. From the invites to gathering all your pieces into one with a wrap or belly band. A rich translucent vellum overlay, invitation or envelope adds a layer of dimension and is perfect for a twist on the clean and classic invite.

Deckled Edges

Deckled edges radiate uniqueness, romance and class. The texture can work on any part of a wedding stationery suite - our absolute favourite is the on the day invite. Deckled edges add an old-world traditional charm, creating a twist to the clean and orderly invites. Go one step further and add a gold leaf or paint to those edges! A graceful addition to your wedding.

Envelope Liners

We love the idea of adding patterned envelope liners. The liners enhance your wedding stationery, especially if you have a simple design and you don’t have to go all out. Choosing unique liners is the perfect way to show your guests just how committed you are.

Dark Colours

Swapping light and bright colours for darker and sleeker colour is a fresh new trend that we think is here to stay. Dark blues, purples and greys are becoming bigger, guaranteeing to give your wedding invitations a touch of grandeur. Mixing these colours with simple and modern typeface is a popular choice we are seeing time and time again. 

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