Getting married is one of the most exciting moments in a person life. The adventure of being able to spend the rest of your life with your significant other can be overwhelming. So, what does it mean when you are planning a wedding in a pandemic?

The truth is that the wedding industry is on hold and it’s safe to say, that the 2020 season will look different – no matter the date. To help guide you through, we have gathered the best tips in the industry to help if you’re considering a postponement or waiting. Although it is important, no matter your situation, your date it is not tied to your commitment. The end goal will always be there, take care of yourself, cry, get angry and laugh, feel a wide range of emotions, no one is stopping you.

What to do if you're considering a postponement?

The timing is everything and there are a lot of variables to keep in mind. Every situation is different but doesn’t mean that you don’t have options; No one has a crystal ball around the events of the pandemic. It's hard to navigate but to make the decision that is best for you, consider the below steps:

  1. Recognise your priorities. When postponing a wedding, first determine if the venue and hotels can accommodate the new date, and after that, reach out to all vendors simultaneously to see if they can do the same. Be prepared that not all of your suppliers will be able to change the date and that there may be extra fees that may be associated when determining whether to postpone later in 2020 or move to 2021, but in general aim for the least amount of changes and financial impact as possible.

  2. Consult your contracts. Contracts are not only there to protect your supplier but also you so that you can be reassured on what to do if things go haywire. Specifically, look at cancellations and postponements and talk to your supplier. They are probably as uncertain as you at the moment due to the little government advise coming out so they can advise you on what other couples are doing and what the steps are.

  3. Determine the Non-Negotiatables: Speak with your partner and consider what your non-negotiables are - this will influence your ultimate decision. For example, are you willing to scale back from a sit-down wedding with 250 guests to a garden reception with 6 guests? Are you okay with not being able to hug your guests or dance close to them? Is it imperative that any elderly people attend your wedding, such as your grandmother?

  4. Consider Your Guests: Just like the availability of your venue, if your guests have made travel plans, you need to think about how much time they’ll need to make adjustments. They may be desperate to book holidays as much as you. Along with other weddings that they might be invited to, so the more time they and you have to give the better. We are giving for free postponed save the dates images for all couples so that at least we can reduce the stress for couples.

What to Do If You're Waiting to Decide?

As most of us keep updated it doesn’t harm to have a serious discussion with your partner and if you have one, speak to your planner. It’s better to know what your options are, if and when the time comes, prioritize your suppliers and speak to them about options. They want your day to go ahead so that you can celebrate in the best way, therefore, will be able to advise, plus as a business, they might have more information than you see on the news.

  1. Talk to your venue / Church/registrar: If you’ve booked a popular wedding venue or date, you might not be able to get in any sooner than a year —unless of course, you choose another day of the week. Some venues won’t be able to discuss postponement with you too far in advance due to allowing spring 2020 weddings to be chosen first. Although be transparent about your concerns so that they can advise you as best they can and you already have the heads up if the time comes.

  2. Keep everyone in the loop: Don’t leave your negotiable suppliers in the larch or your guests. The more information you give suppliers and that can then be given to your guests, the better. We recommend websites and/or regular check-in emails so that you can avoid having to constantly field questions from suppliers, family members and wedding guests

  3. Be Considerate of Your Guests: We all know that weddings are a day that you and your partner make a huge commitment with your favourite people. However, like on your day you want them to feel taken care of, so giving them extra time to adjust or cancellations will be greatly appreciated, whether that be for travel, finances or other commitments. It’s a scary time for everyone.

Our final tip is that you should be transparent with suppliers, family and guests and most importantly your partner. You are both going through this time and it is a worrying time for you. Whether you have a wedding this year or next, that doesn’t mean your plans are on hold, think of it as more time to plan the dream you both want. Talking about your anxieties will build up a support network that you may not have had before. You can always plan an epic elopement and have a big party with a blessing afterwards.

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