Too much choice. What happened to simple?

You're brimming with excitement. You and our significant other have set a date. You have the venue booked, the suppliers are lined up. How are you going to inform your guests? With so many choices? Where to begin?

Your invitation is now not only a piece of card, but it’s also a keepsake for your guests. Choices, Choices, Choices…

Like artists, stationery designers have a style and its down to you to pick which you prefer. Would you like a modern style or a traditional style? Foil or calligraphy? So many options are available. 

When choosing the other wedding suppliers that you have opted for, you have previously made a Pinterest board and with your wedding stationery, there is no exception. Make a Pinterest board. There are many themes, colours and styles that can be found, that will help narrow down your search. At The Little Extras, we specialise in modern and bespoke stationery and on the plus side, our singular invites only cost £1.40 per invite - So the only compromising you will have to do is with your spouse.

Some designers will have both a house collection and a bespoke service – Another option you will have to think about and be aware that bespoke can blow your budget, depending on what you have gone for. 

The Little Extras, only ever offer the bespoke service at a fraction of the price. Keeping in mind your budget and providing the best we can. 

Most other designers will have a variety of designs to choose from, all of which sit in different style weddings, so it is good to talk to the designer about your day and the amazing plans you have. If you are still uncertain about what stationery you would like, then talk to a few of your preferred designers or ask if they offer samples – It’s not the end of the world if they don’t as they would be more than happy to meet in person to show what they have done previously and talk through what you would like with no obligation. Something we are keen to do.

Once again, wedding stationery is important. It sets a tone for your wedding, invitations get people excited and they start to get a feel for what your day is going to be about. The Invitation is a keepsake, not a piece of paper (Or card).

Do your research and you'll get some gorgeous paper goods! We’d be happy to help.

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